Flash Cash
The One Routine
They wish they could do.....
......The Greatest Follow Up Effect To The Fire Wallet
Flash Cash is the perfect follow up effect to the Fire Wallet. Now that you have everyones attention, you can take their interest to another level and mesmerize them with incredible magic. 
Flash Cash is quick, very visual and leaves another unforgettable impression ..... You will impress everyone with your 
Fire Wallet / Flash Cash Combination Punch Of Powerful Magic
  • Flash Cash Is One Of The Most Effective Ice Breakers
  • Instantly Captivate Attention With This Visually Powerful Effect
  •  Impress Everyone You Meet And A Lasting Unforgettable Impression
  •  The Best Way To Pay Your Next Bill Or Pay The Tab.....Really!
  •  Everyone Will Be Left Wide Eyed And With Their Jaw On The Floor! 
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